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Webflow Designer/Developer at Bmedia

Posted on Mar 09, 2024


Company Description

Bmedia is a digital marketing and design agency based in Melbourne, and we're looking for a Webflow designer and developer to join our team. Initially, we're looking for someone to work with us on a part time basis, but as the project grow, the right candidate would be hired full time.

You will be responsible for delivering end-to-end Webflow websites, along with our creative director. You will work closely with the team to develop creative solutions that meet the clients' unique needs and ensure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We are looking for a candidate who is confident working with the Relume library and Client first CSS framework. You need to have a few years under your belt as a Webflow designer/developer, but more importantly, you need to have a learners mindset when it comes to creating web experiences for Bmedia clients.

Looking for someone with

  • A rich portfolio of Webflow projects using unique design and complex implementations.
  • Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with modern and responsive UI design.
  • Excellent ability to work and deliver projects swiftly.
  • Excellent ability to work on multiple projects at the same time.
  • Good communication skills and native level English proficiency.
  • Expertise with Adobe Creative Suite and Figma.

You are

  • A quick, forward thinker who is able to adapt to new platforms and are able to learn new tools swiftly.
  • A modern designer with an eye for high quality, premium UI design.
  • A self driven worker who can work effectively remotely.
  • Someone with 2+ years under their belt as a Webflow designer/developer

At Bmedia we provide a full suite of marketing and consulting services to transform businesses online. Businesses work with us because our diverse team of creatives and strategists truly treat their businesses digital platforms like our own. Through thick and thin we strive to drive profits, brand and customer loyalty through all platforms online.

We make digital marketing make sense and make profits

Seems intuitive right? Well, our experience is that for many businesses digital marketing can be a whirlwind and to many businesses can cost more than it returns.

Our mission is simple. We flip that on its head. Working with us makes the marketing simple and the profits real.

We are a hybrid working space with locations in Colombo and Melbourne.



Bmedia is hiring a Part-Time Webflow Designer/Developer. Apply through Client First Experts and make the next move in your Webflow career!

Webflow Designer/Developer at Bmedia

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